Breakfast Menu - Egg-ceptional Breakfasts!

We make all our own bread and pancake syrup.

Fresh, made to order, low-cholesterol eggs can be substituted with any order - $0.59 per egg)



For Starters
Juices:   Orange, Tomato, Grapefruit, Apple or Cranberry Regular 2.59 Large 2.99  
    Milk Regular 2.39 Large 2.89  
    Hot Chocolate   2.29      
    Coffee   1.99      
    Cappuccino   2.29      
    Bottled Water   1.79      



  Adults 11.99 Children 10 and under 8.99

                                       Buffet Hours  8:00 A.M. to 11:A.M. Saturday and Sunday




The following breakfasts include a choice of white, wheat or rye bread.
For Raisin Toast or English Muffin Toast add .10 extra



1. Three Large Eggs, Home Fries, Toast and jelly and choice of one of the meats listed below: 8.99   6. Combo Special:  2 eggs, 3  pancakes, home fries & choice of 1 meat from item #1  8.49


Sausage Links

Hamburg Patty

Corned Beef Hash

Polish Sausage

Canadian Bacon

Baked Ham

      7-a Plain Pancakes: One: 2.89
          Two: 3.89
          Three: 4.99
  Homemade Southern Style Sausage Gravy            
          7-b Blueberry or Strawberry Pancakes: One: 4.39
2. Create your own Three Egg Cheese Omelet with home fries, toast & jelly 6.49* Two: 5.99
Three: 7.49
  Veggies 0.75; Meat1.79; Cheese 0.99            
  Fillings     8.

One egg, French Toast, Three Slices of  Bacon, Toast and Jelly                 


Sausage Links


Hot Italian Sausage

American Cheese


Swiss Cheese

Monterey Jack









      9. One egg, Pancake, 3 Slices of Bacon, Toast and Jelly 4.99
      9-a Grilled English Muffin Bread Sandwich with egg, cheese & choice of Canadian bacon or sausage 5.99
          9-b One egg with bacon or sausage, toast and jelly 5.59
4. Two egg cheese omlet, toast and jelly 6.59    

Thick Texas Toast on our own home-made

bread, White, Wheat or Raisin, syrup and butter

    9-c Two eggs with bacon or sausage, toast and jelly 6.59
  One - 3.39, Two -4.79, Three - 5.69          



Rebecca’s Skillets! Your choice,   9.49

The perfect hearty breakfast topped with 3 farm fresh eggs made to order. Includes home made toast, choice of white, wheat or rye bread.

Raisin bread and English muffin bread  .10 extra



The Veggie 9.49   Our Favorite Skillet 9.99
A skillet of home fries, onions, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and topped with two eggs.     A skillet of blended home fries, chopped bacon, diced ham, onions and peppers in a blanket of our own sausage gravy and topped with two fresh eggs.  
Steak Medley 12.99   Ultimate Skillet 9.99
A skillet of steak strips with home fries, onions, peppers and diced tomatoes topped with two eggs.     A skillet of blended home fries, onions, peppers, sausage, bacon and polish sausage topped with two eggs.  
Eggs Benedict, two poached eggs w/ Canadian bacon on our own English muffin bread, topped with hollandaise sauce. 9.99   BISCUITS AND GRAVY 7.99
Top Choice Angus Rib Eye Steak, 3 eggs with home fries, toast and jelly 13.99
Side Orders
Sausage Patties - 2 2.49   Raisin Toast 1.99
Sausage Patties - 4 3.49   Grilled English Muffin Bread 1.89
Hot Italian Sausage 2.79   Homemade Muffins 2.49
Hamburg Patty 4.19   Extra Egg 1.49
Baked Ham 3.99   Donuts 1.49
Canadian Bacon 3.49   Cheese 1.09
Hash 3.99   Grilled Bagel 1.99
Bacon (three slices) 3.29   Peppers or Onions .99
Bacon (five slices) 4.49   Tomatoes .99

Rib Eye Steak


  Mushrooms 1.29
One egg, toast & jelly 2.49   Cup of Beans (when available) 2.49
Two eggs, toast & jelly 3.39   Sausage Gravy on Biscuit 4.99
Home Fries 1.99   Cold Cereal 2.29
Home Fries with Onions 2.39   Polish Sausage 3.29
Toast, White or Wheat Bread 1.79